Beginning of a Long Journey

Dear All,

Please allow me to have some words as a Chef who love to cook and have quite a clear vision. For the past 30 plus years in the food industry in Upstate New York, I have learned a really hard way of business to please you.

The first 10 years I have learned how to find myself.
The second 10 years I have learned how to please myself and my ego.
The last 10 years I have learned to combine all my experience to please you.

Lemon Grass has become a restaurant loved by plenty of you. We create a standard of our own, still bringing as best as we can to you everyday, and considered to be one of the highest regarded in the area for more than a decade.

Now we create Citronelle by trying to give you the same standard as our “Grass,” to please the same crowd and everyone that we have missed for years.

In order to build a good restaurant we will need years not only three or six months—front staff, kitchen, menu, wine list, bar—all of these need a while to be settled. Especially management and myself, we have to learn the space, flows of the space, timing from the kitchen to the tables and many more. 

Please forgive us while we are building this new restaurant. I am working nights and days to try to get Citronelle better and hope you will see some improvements on every single time that you kindly visit.

Your Chef,